Thursday, 6 June 2013

Disneryland Paris Day 3 - Thursday 30th May

As a change from all the Disney we took the RER train into Paris  - 

Megs was keen to explore Notre Dame
{Al took a LOT of other photographs} 

We ate lunch in a nearby garden 
{Ben was beyond delighted to discover that there was free wifi!}

Megs second Parisian request was to visit the English bookshop 

 Then we followed Ben's request to visit the Louvre -
only President Hollande and the german chancellor Angela Merkel had got there first -
so we had to be content with a stroll in the gardens instead of seeing some art!

 We headed back to Disneyland
{dodging a huge thunderstorm} 
in time for the evening parade....

... and finished the day with a walk back around the peaceful Lake Disney.

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