Thursday, 6 June 2013

Disneyland Paris Day 4 - Friday 30th May

We were and up and out before 9 o'clock -
Megs was keen to go on the "Noddy Train" 
{which cost 8 euros and saved all of 5 minutes walking!}

We started the day with another turn on Buzz Lightyear -
before trying out Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril  in  Adventure Land
 The Riverboats in Frontier Land
{No Big Thunder Mountain for us on this trip - closed for repairs :( }
and then heading back to Discovery Land for another turn on Star Tours
{Ben as really hopeful that this time we would have a better pilot and we wouldn't get lost - his refrain of "I blame the pilot was used a lot"

A quick coffe and cake stop at Cafe Hyperion -
then we lucked out on finding some more characters

We had an afternoon break back at Sequoia Lodge
{more swimming for me, Megs and Ben - he did love that waterslide}
and got back to the Studios Park in time for Ben to go to Stitch Live again
{he was icked to talk to Stitch!}
while Megs and Al did the Flying Carpets and explored Toy Land.
Then we all went on the Tram Tour together, before going back to the Disneyland Park, 
for tea at Walts on Main Street.

On our last trip to Disney when the children were little
we spent our last afternoon at Walts
and had the most wonderful experience watching the parade in the street below.
This time I thought that I had booked for after the parade - 
not knowing that they had moved the parade to later.
So yet again, we got to sit in the windows - 
looking down on the magic as the parade passed!

Oh - and of course - the food was as fabulous as ever!

We spent our last Disney evening in Fantasy Land -
exploring the castle,
more turns on Peter Pan,
a walk through Alice's Labarynth
another go on the Tea Cups.

Megs was desperate to get a place on the front row for Dreams - 
so she and Al bagged their places well in advance while I took Ben to
Buzz Lightyear!

By the time we were back in front of the castle there was quite a crowd
{Ben had his one and only melt down of the holiday}
but by a stroke of luck he was able to join Al and Megs at the front row for the light show.

It was another really late finish -  back to the hotel just before midnight!

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