Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Disneyland Paris Day Two - Wednesday 29th May

Our first full day at Disney - there are a LOT of picture from this day!
We managed to get up for 8am breakfast, 
and walked round to the Studio for the gates openng at 9.30. 

Ben spotted the Yoda Stitch on the way in - 
and didn't stop talking about it  until we bought him one later in the day!

Our first ride of the day was Crush's Coaster -
Ben isn't a fan of fast rides - but he agreed to try it -
(one go was enough for him though)

We mooched around the Monster's Inc displays -
then Al went off to try out the Tower of Terror -
while I took Megs and Ben on the Tram Ride.

Next up was the Stitch Live show - which Ben loved 
(though he was by far the oldest of the children sitting in the participation zone)

The we saw the amazing Stunt Show 
{we had to miss it last visit because Megs was going through her
 "terrified of car crashes after watching the film Herbie phase"}

We retreated to the hotel for a break 
(Ben loves having an afternoon swim)
before going to the studios for the Rock'n'Roll Coaster and Armagedon

As the Studio Park closed we went over to Disneyland Park,
before our special Character Meal - at Inventions, in the fabulous Disneyland Hotel.

Then it was back to the park - 
for lots of rides -
before finishing the day watching the amazing light show -
Disney Dreams - at 11 o'clock!

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