Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Disneyland Paris Day One - Tuesday 28th May

Our holiday to Disneyland Paris actually started on the Bank Holiday Monday -
catching the train from a wet Runcorn to London
{with a diversion to Tescos on the way to the station to buy a new suitcase -
 seeing as the handle broke on my new bag as Al picked it up to put it in the car!}

We stopped overnight at a rather lovely Premier Inn next to Kings Cross Station -
and  had our first "Holiday Treat" eating at our favourite London restaurant - Steak & Co!

On the Tuesday morning we had breakfast at the hotel - 
then walked over to St Pancras Station.

We checked in for the Eurostar - 
and were through security and passport control in less than 5 minutes - 
so much easier than an airport! 

We sat in the lounge for a while before the the train was called - 
we were in coach 16 of 18 - so it was quite a walk down the platform. 
Then it was find our seats and enjoy the down to the South Coast,
under the English Channel, and off to Paris!

A Disney Cast Member came along whist we were on the train - 
gave us our park tickets and checked our bags in -
so as soon as we were off the train - 
we were heading into the parks!

It was still grey and showery, but the sight of the the Disneyland Hotel 
was as thrilling as I remembered - 

Once inside the park there was the castle at the end of Main Street -
the familiar music - 
the whole Disney package.

We stopped at City Hall to arrange a Guest Assistance Card for Ben
 {the lifesaving green card that meant we could queue in alternative, quieter areas -
 it got a lot of use over the 5 days} -

then we headed up Main Street  to Ben's first choice of rides -  Buzz Lightyear -
and Megs choice of eating - chips from Cafe Hyperion!

Ben was desperate to get a Buzz Lightyear gun 
{because he had one last time we visited Disneyland}
And Megs bought herself a tasteful pair of Minnie ears.

Next up Megs wanted to ride Space Mountain -
{she was too short on her previous visits}

 We crossed over to Adventure Land to try out Pirates of the Carribean -
then it was back down Main Street and the walk over to our hotel - 

We ate the Hunters Grill in the hotel - a rather delicious buffet
{Megs had 5 pieces of gateau!}
and tried out the pool  {with waterslide} - before collapsing into bed.

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