Saturday, 9 August 2014

And then they came back...

... after a week at Chamboree.
Yes - Ben managed a whole week!
I got a text from him on the Friday afternoon saying "I love you" -
which is Ben code for "I've had enough."
But he stayed until the Saturday morning when we picked up both of the kids.
OK - so Ben came home with a log
{now living in Grandma's garden}
But I count it all a great sucess -
And Megs hasn't stopped talking since the moment we collected her!

And if you want to know the sort of things they were up to all week -
the video explains all.
We are SO LUCKY that our young ones can have these amazing opportunites with Cheshire Scouts. The leaders at FMC, Aqullia and at County level are all amazing - giving up so much time for Chamboree - on top of their weekly commitments.
Roll on 2018
{when Megs will be 20 and Ben 17!!!}

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