Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge!

To all who post links on Facebook explaining in great detail
why they won't take the challlenge..
It's fun
Some really good charities raised a lot of money - especially the MND Association.
Have you ever known anyone with Motor Neurone Disease?
 Such a dreadful illness, and the charity does so much good
 supporting people and their families.
Wasting water? Yes - along with flushing toilets, power showers and everything else.
So just look at your usage and cut down else where - and why not donate to water aid too.
Just donate rather than take the challenge I'm told.
 Ok - and all those sponsered London marathan runners can stop running;
Children in Need and Comic Relief might as well stop their huge events etc.
Yeah - The Ice Bucket Challenge - daft idea -
 but this summer it's done a HUGE amount of good.

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