Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Last Week of the Holidays....

.... we've been in Wales, enjoying the last of summer 

{though the weather hasn't exactly been summery.}

We've has been on a couple of final summer walks -
been to the beach for more stone throwing -
Al's had lots of time at  the RSPB -
Jude stayed over for a few nights
and of course there have been several trips to the cafe at Waterstones.

Oh - and we met up with Philip
for a shoot at the Vardre.

Slight miscommunication meant two climbs to the top
{in dresses and boots}

it was overcast
{great for photos I'm told}

and windy
{of course it was windy - it's always windy up there -
 but windblown photo shoots appear to be our thing}

 - I've very happy with the results!

Lots more pictures to follow when I've unpacked and sorted the washing out
{ Need to get sorted  - back to school on Monday!}

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