Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Twenty Years Ago Today....

.... I married my best friend.
I was 23 - the wedding was at our family Church - FMC.
Before I went to the church we had photographs in my mum's garden,
and then when there was only me and my dad left,
we watched some of the test match until the car came for us.
{Al spent the morning watching episodes of Star Trek DS9 on video}
I wasn't scared or worried - I was going to church -
like every Sunday.
I was going to marry the only man I've ever loved.
The church was full of friends and family-
we sang hymns and made our vows before God.
Twenty years later - with two teenage children off at camp
We spent the night at the rather deluxe Mere Hotel near Knutsford.

 We met in the lobby for an afternoon snack
{Al had come straight from work}
The room was beautiful, the view over the mere stunning.
Our evening meal in the restaurant was fabulous -
and when our plan of a post meal walk was rained off we watched
Captain America:Winter Soldier on the free video service.
It was all rather blissful until Al had to head into work the next morning.
Twenty years of marriage -
Still best friends.
Still in love.


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